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Tivoli Vredenburg, Utrecht, Netherlands

Saturday 1 September, 11am


Thomas Ravenscroft 1582-1633
When I call, please do answer, in order for me to sleep
(uit: psalm 4, O God, that art my righteousness)

Tiburtio Massaino 1550-1609
I am handsomely endowed
(uit: psalm 16, Conserva me, domine)

Ferdinand di Lasso 1560-1609
My soul is longing for silence
(uit: psalm 62, Sperate in Domino)

Melchior Franck 1580-1639
Prayer and complaint of an old man
(uit: psalm 71, Quantas ostendisti)

Claude Goudimel 1510-1572
Safe with God
(uit: psalm 27, Dieu fut toujours ma lumière et ma vie)

Marcin Leopolita 1537-1584
You know me
(uit: psalm 139, Mihi autem)

Giovanni Croce 1557-1609
Prayer for forgiveness
(uit: psalm 51, Miserere mei)

Paul Schoenfeld 1947-
Help me out of distress
(uit: psalm 86, Incline your ear, Oh Lord)

Carlo Gesualdo da Venosa 1566-1613
Scream for attention
(uit: psalm 61, Exaudi, Deus, deprecationem meam)

Alexander Horologius 1550-1633
To hide with you
(uit: psalm 57, Miserere mei)

Caspar Othmayr 1515-1553
Safe with God
(uit: psalm 91, Wer in dem Schutz des Höchsten ist)

Carl Nielsen 1865-1931
The shepherd
(uit: psalm 23, Dominus regit me, from Three Motets, Op. 55:2)

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