Amy Haworth, Soprano


My first Tallis Scholars concert was in September 2005. I was a last minute replacement for a performance of Spem in Alium at Queen Elizabeth Hall in London, and had moved into my flat the day before so was perhaps not as awake as I might have been! My first full concert with the group in France followed in July 2006. My lasting memory of the concert is singing Byrd’s Tribue Domine for the first time. My lasting memory of the trip is the free bottle of wine that each of us received from the hotel – needless to say I don’t have many memories of the trip home!


Highlights of my time in the group include a helicopter ride (again in France), the 40th anniversary concert in St Paul’s Cathedral in 2013 and the group’s first trip to New Zealand in 2013. Although the travelling life isn’t always as glamorous as some onlookers think, with some arduous travel schedules (very early morning starts, very late night concerts), we are very lucky to sing some of history’s greatest music in some of the world’s most prestigious venues.


When I am not singing with the Tallis Scholars I add some variety to life singing with other groups, including contemporary repertoire by composers such as Steve Reich and Luigi Nono. Oh, and I also work as a chartered accountant for Deloitte LLP who are very forward thinking in their approach to flexible working hours, which allows me to benefit from the wonderful opportunities to travel the world with The Tallis Scholars.


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